Building Daily Self Care 

Habits one at a time 

                                       True self care is about building daily habits that support body and mind and nurture the best version of yourself! 

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Hi I'm Kirsten,

I help women who struggle, with the concept of self care and how to fit it into their daily lives by creating Individual sustainable healthy daily habits. One habit at a time! 

I am a skin therapist, esthetician, massage therapist and educator. I have an extensive background in aromatherapy, reflexology and other health and wellness related modalities.



What is self care?

Self care is about living your best version of yourself. Making daily habit  and lifestyle changes that allow you to create a healthier you. Self care is about nurturing mind and body through daily habits and lifestyle.  

Self care is a journey not a destination!


Healthy Skin!

Achieving healthy skin involves more than topical application and treatments. Getting enough sleep, exercise, eating nutritional foods and staying hydrated are all major contributors to healthy skin. 

The products you select, medications and unhealthy habits can all effect the health of your skin. 

Nutrition and Hydration!

Hydration and nutrition are essential for physical and mental health. 

Optimal functioning of all our body systems rely on good nutrition and adequate hydration. Staying hydrated is not only about water consumption, its about getting water rich foods such as fruit and vegetables. The quality of the water you consume is also important, a lot of water contains pesticides, chemicals and other unhelpful components that are unhealthy for the body.

Exercise and Meditation!

Perhaps you enjoy running, yoga, pilates, HIIT or Tabata workouts or simply walking - the key however to consistent habits is to find something you enjoy doing. Exercising is not just about weight control, it is required for optimum efficiency of all our body systems. 

Meditation is about giving your brain space to process, relax, help reduce stress and tension and even effect your decision making process! 


Getting great sleep is about far more than just banking hours. The quality of your sleep is so important for both your mental and physical health. Heart health, immunity and weight are all affected by the quantity and quality of sleep you get.

Exposure to light, a regular exercise routine, what you do the hour before you go to bed all have an effect on your circadian rhythms. Your body requires enough deep sleep so your body can renew and repair itself for optimum productivity and emotional balance.

Managing Stress!

Stress is your body's response to a perceived or real threat or demand! A chemical reaction occurs know as the "flight or fight" response.

A whole host of symptoms can occur when we are under stress. 

Stress can be acute or chronic and can have an affect on all aspects of your life including your emotions and physical health.

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